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University of Lisbon team begins excavations at Cabeço da Bruxa archaeological site

Excavations began on July 2 at the archaeological site of Cabeço da Bruxa (Quinta da Atela). This site is of great importance for the context and understanding of Ancient History and Proto-History.

The excavation of the archaeological site of Cabeço da Bruxa is developed through a project of the Archaeology Center of the University of Lisbon (UNIARQ) and directed, in the field, by Professor Ana Margarida Arruda, Dr. Elisa Barbosa de Sousa and Dr. Rui Monge Soares.

The archaeological site of Cabeço da Bruxa has a human occupation since Prehistory, but with great representativeness in the Late Bronze period until the Roman Period. It was the target of study and excavation, with the German Archaeological Institute, in the late 70s/early 80s of the last century.

The work in progress has as one of its main objectives the study of the Phoenicians in the Tagus estuary.

The excavation works will take place from July to September and have the support of the Municipality of Alpiarça and Quinta da Gouxa e Atela.

July 9, 2013