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5 wines awarded with the Grand Gold medal

The history of Quinta Da Atela dates back to 1346, when it was created by the Counts of Ourém under the name of Quinta da Goucha. Invaded by all the best that the Tagus has to offer, it is located in Alpiarça, a village in the district of Santarém.

And it is precisely this region of the Tagus that gives a unique character to its wines, which served to make it fall in love with the jury of the INTERNATIONAL AWARDS VIRTUS V 2023 in Lisbon, collecting no less than 5 GRAND GOLD medals! For its varieties:

Sparkling White Wine Chardonnay "Casa Da Atela" 750Ml

Sparkling Rose Wine Pinot Noir "Casa Da Atela"

Red Wine Merlot "Casa Da Atela"

Red Wine Petit Verdot "Casa Da Atela"

Red Wine Syrah "Casa Da Atela"

Congratulations on the great success of Quinta Da Atela!