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Alpiarça Town Council and the Tejo Region Wine Commission signed a cooperation protocol today to promote the municipality's certified wines.

The protocol provides for support of up to five thousand euros for the year 2024, with the possibility of being renewed, and is intended to support the participation of Tejo wine producers from the municipality of Alpiarça in national and international competitions.

The support, of up to 500 euros per producer, will cover producers from the municipality of Alpiarça - Quinta da Lagoalva, Adega do Feitor, Nova Sociedade Agrícola Mouchão do Inglês, Isabel Cabral (Vinhos Canto do Marquês), Quinta da Atela, Pinhal da Torre, Coopvinhal, Casa Paciência, Casal das Aires and Rita Conim Pinto (MINOC Wines) - and is intended, according to the protocol, to "cover the costs of registering/participating in samples of certified wines from producers in the municipality of Alpiarça, in national and international tastings, until the end of 2024".

CVR Tejo, in conjunction with the producers, undertakes to send samples of certified wines to national and international competitions that it considers most relevant to the promotion and development of Tejo wines.

Ana Margarida Rosa do Céu, deputy mayor of Alpiarça, considers support for this sector "a priority, bearing in mind that it is increasingly important to take part in wine competitions, both national and international, which make it possible to value and publicize this product of excellence, but also our municipality and region," she said.

Luís de Castro, president of CVR Tejo, highlighted the "great production" of wine in the municipality of Alpiarc.

"We started first with Almeirim, which is the county with the largest wine production in the Tejo region, but Alpiarça is also a county of great importance to us," said Luis de Castro.

"We've been working on this for the last 10 years, choosing some priority markets that we've been exploring and adapting to suit our wines, and in most of these markets the results obtained in the competitions are important," he said.

Speaking to the producers present at the signing of the protocols, the president of the CVR advised them to "check with the CVR what kind of wines they should consider and for which markets," he suggested.

"Markets where we currently have a fairly large presence and where it's easier for consumers to recognize us," he added.

"You can get advice from the CVR about sending your wines to one market or another, depending on your interests and the vocation of the market," said Luis de Castro.

The president of CVR Tejo also said that this type of protocol should "be extended to other municipalities in the region, so that there can be more presence of Tejo producers in competitions and our wines will be more recognized abroad," he concluded.