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New gastronomic creation

In partnership with Epadrc Alcobaça, we presented the recent gastronomic creation: Pudim Quinta da Atela. It is made with the Liqueur Wine, which being 20 years in stage, has an indescribable taste!

This conventual pudding will be available at Doces da Carla and you can also taste it in our store and at all the events that will be held at Quinta da Atela.

This creation is also a particularly important contribution to the fact that the Municipality of Alcobaça is applying to the Unesco Creative Cities network, in the area of gastronomy in conventual sweets, in which the Licoroso Wine will also register with the organization.

The partnership between Valgrupo/Quinta da Atela and Epadrc Alcobaça, a Professional School that offers vocational training in agriculture, catering and forestry, followed the realization of curricular internships, the offer of jobs to students and the sharing of knowledge between the specialized technicians of our group and the students of the school.

We thank the students of the Cookery/Pastry Technician Course, the Professor and award-winning Chef Carlos Silva and the Director of Epadrc Alcobaça Dr. Paula Malojo, for the opportunity to make known and promote our Liqueur Wine. For us it is always a pleasure to work with partnerships that develop and adapt new concepts.