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Engª Nuno Russo visited Quinta da Atela and Valsabor

On October 19, we received at our facilities the visit of the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Eng. Nuno Russo and other distinguished entities.

Our main activity focuses on wine production with high potential grape varieties, transmitting to the wines the best of the essence of the vineyards, the terroir and the Ribatejo. The process of adapting to the wine tourism aspect is also underway, this being a strategic area of the wine sector in the promotion and development of our products. In addition to these valences, we still have an important area of cork oak forest and cattle breeding, in a total area of approximately 700 hectares. However, we continue to grow, innovate and work to launch more products: 2 sparkling wines and 4 single varietals. We intend to develop the Alpiarça Region.

The entities were accompanied on a visit to the winery and the farm, where they could taste our wines and also participate in a speech with Nuno Russo and the VALGRUPO Directors about the path and the next projects and investments of the group, which will be completed during 2021.

It was announced the investment of 6 million euros in the remodeling and expansion of the slaughter and meat processing unit, with an increase in cold storage, shipping and logistics capacity, as well as the improvement of administrative and social infrastructures. A new feed factory will also be invested, it will be the 7th of the group and will be the largest in the country with a capacity to produce 2,000 tons / day in an estimated investment of 13 million euros. In the morning, they still had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Valsabor.

With the investments that are underway and the next projects, we intend to keep the path, create better working conditions for our employees, invest in environmental responsibility and represent an economic and social asset for the region and the country, in job creation, wealth creation, and in the hope of a better future for all.

We appreciate the arrival of Mr. Secretary of State, which represented a great incentive and recognition of the economic and social importance of VALGRUPO.