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On October 19, 2019, Quinta da Atela established a protocol with the League of Combatants, launching a wine under the La Lys brand, referring to the celebrated battle with the participation of the Portuguese.

In La Lys there was a violent battle, where thousands of soldiers, who served the country in the Great War, felled. It represents the courage, bravery, heroism and the supreme sacrifice of the Portuguese Combatant.

The main goal of this collaboration between the League of Combatants and Quinta da Atela was to launch high quality wines and, at the same time, generate revenue for the Solidarity League (Social Support and Health Support), contributing to help those who served this country of ours in the Overseas War and Peace Missions, which suffer from serious physical and mental conditions.

The commercialization of the red wine La Lys Grande Reserva 2020 and the liqueurs is made by the headquarters of the League of Combatants - Heritage Section, at the Museum of Combatant / Forte do Bom Sucesso and by the Centers in Portugal and islands. The revenue will  improve the financial conditions of the League of Combatants, in support of Homes, Nurseries and other social interests, to sponsor Combatants.

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